T.C.C. is an international Industrial Oriented Company registered in Israel (I.D. 51-226751-9). Privately- held, a father & son team and a qualified team of executives run the company in various industrial subjects.

IZHAK RAN - Economy and Sociology at the School of Social Subjects ( Branch of the Jerusalem University). Been among the elite Israeli executives for over 30 years. In 1972 he initiated ISKOOR STEEL SERVICES the first joint venture South Africa - Israel. The shareholders who appointed Mr. Ran were ISCOR - S.A (among the worldwide leading steel producers) and Koor Industries the largest was industrial conglomerate. The appointments were to M.D. CEO and Vice President at his final position before retirement. During his period ISKOOR become the leading steel company in ISRAEL (Dun & Bradstreet Report) Mr. Ran have served as a member at the Board of Directors of various Public & Private companies deled at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. He also established and chaired Board of Directors in a number of industrial enterprises.

GADI RAN graduated from The University of Michigan, with disciplines in Philosophy (Dean's List), Economics, and Business Administration. Upon graduation he joined AMPLICON FINANCIAL (NASDAQ: AMPI) where he specialized in Computer Leasing for Fortune 500 companies.

AHARON YAARI a Mechanical Engineer qualified at the HAIFA Technical High School, with the degrees of M.Sc. Academic experience as well as vast practical knowledge. Yaari has also written books and articles in his field of expertise.

YAKY SHALEV an Electronic & Environmental Engineer, qualified at the Haifa Technical High School, for many years did manage one of the Electrical Cable factories, well acquainted with the relevant markets

PROF. ELIYAU ROSENTHAL, Qualified at the JERUSALEM University, Pasture University in Strasbourg - France, and Freie Universitat Berlin - Germany. Specific subjects Hydro Geology & Chemistry. Teaching, Training and Publishing Scientific articles. He is a member in respectable National and International committees dealing in various aspects of water sciences.

MRS. NURIT PERLOF - Chemical Engineer Qualified at the HAIFA Technion Institute. Water Sciences were and are the mayor topics she specified. During the years Mrs. Perlof attended a number of high positions at government, institutional and private positions

AKIVA ben AVRAHAM Chem.Eng. MS - Is a Process Engineer with more than 30 years active experience in consulting, preliminary and final design, detailed engineering, investment estimations, calculation of annual operation expenses, start-up, operation supervision and up grading of Municipal, Industrial, Small and Middle settlements Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Design and Erection of Ramat Ha-Sharon WWTP, working for Malin Engineers Ltd.

Design for Tender of AYALON WWTP for 600.000 PE, working for MALIN Engineers.

Design for Tender of TIMURIM WWTP, now in final stages of erection, working for MALIN Engineers. Ltd.

Design of Wastewater Treatment Plants for EL . AL, now in construction.

A lot of small and middle industries treatment plants, acting as HANTAL (Process Engineering)

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